Tegan and Sara Quindom. You've been warned. The name is Riley. I'm Trans*. I am massively queer.

If you don't like it, fuck off, don't follow and don't get offended for me being myself. I am 19.

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this is my favourite vine tbh

Oh I hope he doesn't go trough your pictures :\ he really shouldn't, that's private! I'm not doing so much, what about you?? :)

So far he hasn’t needed my password to get onto the admin account so that’s good. But I’ve been switching between napping and playing guitar.

Anything fun you have planned anon?

I'm good, thanks:) how are you??

Better if my dad didn’t have my laptop with the possibility of him having to go into my photos and personal stuff. But I’m fine otherwise.

What are you up to lovely?

So my parents don’t exactly know I had a girlfriend. My laptop recently started roaring while in use. I stupidly have photos of my ex girlfriend and I kissing in the photos folder, long story short my dad has my laptop at work and is trying to get it fixed, and I think he may snoop in my files if he gets into my personal account. I’m scared. He would kill me.

I want peace and quiet from your relentless words. They now sear my flesh and have burned into my memories. I can’t sleep because you are the only thing I see. When I dream it turns into a nightmare the second you arrive. You wanted to be on your own- stop haunting me. My hearts still beating, but at half pace. But my pulse remains steady- it gets stronger every day I go on without you. One day I will be more than the person I was before. You’ll be but a scar in my memory.

Boo! You've just been distracted:D

Yay! How are you wondrous distraction anon! (I thank you for the distraction I don’t wanna be stupid)