Tegan and Sara Quindom. You've been warned.

The name is MB. I am 18.
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It's okay, I know you're busy. But yeah. She said that she thought it was best to not talk to me because she wants to move on with her life.

That really sucks dude. It will get better eventually.

I hate myself so much, I hate how I can't get her out of my head. She wants me out of her life but I don't want her out of mine. What do I do?

Do you know for sure she wants you out of her life? Are you absolutely sure, has she specifically told you?

Sorry I’m just now responding.

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You have to have a job, a bed frame, potentially you’re gay already, and you can have the baby. And I’m not gonna be there to watch, because it will fuck me up and I will never be able to look down there again. By

Tegan Quin (about girls she would date)